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Biostatistics And Research Methodology

Unit 1

Introduction: Statistics, Biostatistics, Frequency distribution

Measures of central tendency: Mean, Median, Mode- Pharmaceutical examples

Measures of dispersion: Dispersion, Range, standard deviation, Pharmaceutical problems

Correlation: Definition, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, Multiple correlation - Pharmaceuticals examples

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Unit 2

Regression: Curve fitting by the method of least squares, fitting the lines y= a + bx and x = a + by, Multiple regression, standard error of regression - Pharmaceutical Examples

Probability: Definition of probability, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution,

Poisson’s distribution, properties - problems

Sample, Population, large sample, small sample, Null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, sampling, essence of sampling, types of sampling, Error-I type, Error-II type, Standard error of mean (SEM) - Pharmaceutical examples

Parametric test: t-test(Sample, Pooled or Unpaired and Paired) , ANOVA, (One way and Two way), Least Significance difference

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