Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence - Unit 2


Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and its rules 1945:

Detailed study of Schedule G, H, M, N, P,T,U, V, X, Y, Part XII B, Sch F & DMR (OA)

Sale of Drugs - Wholesale, Retail sale and Restricted license. Offences and penalties

Labeling & Packing of drugs- General labeling requirements and specimen labels for

drugs and cosmetics, List of permitted colors. Offences and penalties.

Administration of the Act and Rules - Drugs Technical Advisory Board, Central drugs

Laboratory, Drugs Consultative Committee, Government drug analysts, Licensing

authorities, controlling authorities, Drugs Inspectors

Unit 2, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence, B Pharmacy 5th Sem, Carewell Pharma
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