Pharmacognosy 1 - Unit 5


Study of biological source, chemical nature and uses of drugs of natural origin containing following drugs

Plant Products:

Fibers - Cotton, Jute, Hemp

Hallucinogens, Teratogens, Natural allergens

Primary metabolites:

General introduction, detailed study with respect to chemistry, sources, preparation, evaluation, preservation, storage, therapeutic used and commercial utility as Pharmaceutical Aids and/or Medicines for the following Primary metabolites:

Carbohydrates: Acacia, Agar, Tragacanth, Honey

Proteins and Enzymes: Gelatin, casein, proteolytic enzymes (Papain, bromelain, serratiopeptidase, urokinase, streptokinase, pepsin).

Lipids(Waxes, fats, fixed oils): Castor oil, Chaulmoogra oil, Wool Fat, Bees Wax

Marine Drugs: Novel medicinal agents from marine sources

Unit 5, Pharmacognosy 1, B Pharmacy 4th Sem, Carewell Pharma
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