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Pharmacognosy 1 - Unit 1


Introduction to Pharmacognosy:

  • Definition, history, scope and development of Pharmacognosy
  • Sources of Drugs - Plants, Animals, Marine & Tissue culture
  • Organized drugs, unorganized drugs (dried latex, dried juices, dried extracts, gums and mucilages, oleoresins and oleo- gum -resins).

Classification of drugs:

Alphabetical, morphological, taxonomical, chemical, pharmacological, chemo and sero taxonomical classification of drugs

Quality control of Drugs of Natural Origin:

Adulteration of drugs of natural origin. Evaluation by organoleptic, microscopic, physical, chemical and biological methods and properties.

Quantitative microscopy of crude drugs including lycopodium spore method, leafconstants, camera lucida and diagrams of microscopic objects to scale with camera lucida.

Unit 1, Pharmacognosy 1, B Pharmacy 4th Sem, Carewell Pharma
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